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Is Your Business Indestructible Like Superman?

business tips

We all want immortality – well, for our businesses at least. But businesses, just like our pets, are prone to suddenly dying, without warning. What’s worse, we often know how they could have been saved with the benefits of hindsight. Typical business continuity problems include things like a supplier going bust and the electricity cutting out. Here are some essential ...

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How Saving Can Kickstart Your Future

Saving Can Kickstart Your Future

With us, it’s always spend, spend, spend. That doesn’t get us very far.  In most cases, spending is seen as a huge waste of money. Alright, it’s not all the time. Having a meal with friends and buying groceries isn’t exactly wasting cash. The issue here is that your money can go a lot further than the short term. Saving ...

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Look After Your Money With These Three Tips

Look After Your Money

Money means everything in this day and age. It can keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy, it can take away the stress of life and keep you living comfortably. People often take out lofty loans and use credit cards to get themselves out of a bind, but if you’re careful you can look after your money it ...

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Tape and Boxes: Why Shipping and Packaging Is Key

Tape and Boxes

There are a huge number of things and areas that you need to succeed at to run a successful business. Your branding needs to be on point, you need to deal with customers in a good manner and timely fashion, you need to have a solid idea and have marketed it well. But there’s another thing. If you supply products/produce, ...

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Gold Investments are Rising Again and Why You Should Pay Attention

Gold Investment

Gold just recently enjoyed a post-recession high value against the dollar. In the past year, more and more people have been looking for gold to include in investment portfolios. Considering the political fluctuations in the past year, this is no surprise. The rise of gold is a trend that even those who are not serious investors should pay attention to. ...

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