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Take The House With Your Next Bet!

Taking the house

‘Taking the house’ is a term that you’ll rarely hear when it comes to gambling for one important reason. It virtually never happens. Essentially, if you take the house, you bet so big that you win against the bookie or the dealer. Is there a way to do this? Well, yes, it’s just very unlikely and incredibly difficult. However, if ...

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Start A Roadworks Company And Drive Your Business Towards Success

Construction Managers

Construction companies are very popular business ideas nowadays. This is largely down to their low start-up costs, and high potential for profits. People will always need things constructed, fixed; you name it. The main challenge facing this business idea is figuring out what sector you’ll be working in. Will you deal with house construction? Or are you more of a ...

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Reasons Why It’s Important To Have A Contingency Fund

Contingency Fund

As soon as you start your working life, it is important to start thinking about building a contingency fund. And it’s even more crucial when you get on the property ladder. It’s not the most fun thing to talk about because it’s much more enjoyable spending your money on shoes and clothes and pretty things for your home! But if ...

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Are You Making These Big Financial Mistakes?

Financial Mistakes

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of obsessed with smart financial planning. Over the years, I’ve given out a lot of money advice to a lot of friends and acquaintances. What’s surprising is how many people are both bright and successful, but also guilty of some huge mistakes in their personal finances. Although you may think that you’re completely ...

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Budgeting For Divorce – How To Keep Your Seperation Cheap

Budgeting For Divorce

Flick through the gossip pages in your weekly celebrity magazine and you will see just some of the horror stories related to the cost of divorce. When to rich and famous people end their marriage, it can end up costing both parties millions of dollars! Doesn’t sound pretty, does it? Thankfully, a divorce won’t cost you quite so much. But ...

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