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Mortgage Brokers: A little Advice that could go a Long Way

Mortgage Brokers

It’s a tricky business buying a house, but there are some people and services that could save you money, stress, and hopefully some peace of mind. Now you’ve found your perfect home, it’s to look around for the best mortgage rates, and the best offers that banks or individuals can find you. Here is a little advice, and perhaps some ...

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Budgeting the Right Way: Your First Home

Thinking About Buying Your Own Home

Buying your first home can be incredibly exciting, but one of the biggest mistakes that first buyers make is failing to budget correctly. This can turn an exciting experience into a bit of a nightmare. When you buy a property, you don’t only have to find funds for a deposit; there are a number of other expenses that must be ...

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Weighing Up the Costs of Long-Distance Relationships

Costs of Long-Distance Relationships

The cost of any relationship can be substantial. There are date nights, trips away, the costs of attending the weddings of each other’s friends, and so on. But they’re nothing like the costs of a long distance relationship. When you’re separated by hundreds of miles, and maybe a body of water, the costs, once everything is accounted for, can go ...

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Getting Green: What Can You Do To Make A Difference?

Greener Construction Business

These days, it’s not just enough to be a responsible business owner that looks to operate above board and provide a worthy service to their customers. Of course, all of the above still matters, but if you’re serious about being the best that you can be, and making an impact in the world, you have to make sure that it’s ...

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Dos & Don’ts: New Employee Integration

Underperforming Employees

Before you were an entrepreneur, you probably remember what it was like to be the New Person in the office. It’s not a pleasant memory, is it? As the New Person, you’re effectively a sideshow, a zoo animal. Everyone peers at you, says hello, asks about your life– but the whole while, it’s just outright awkward and forced. You didn’t ...

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Maximising Your Margins: How To Reduce Running Costs

launch of a startup

If you’re gearing up for the launch of a startup, you may be focused solely on finding enough money to get the business off the ground. The trouble is that financing a startup isn’t just about surviving the first stage. To succeed in the long term, you need to make the company profitable. Driving sales is one way to do ...

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3 Bad Marketing Habits Your Business Needs To Stop

Bad Marketing Habits

Bad habits can often prevent us from achieving our true potential. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to bad marketing habits and your business. Keep up with your bad habits, and you’ll ruin your marketing strategy and see all the negatives that come with this. You won’t get as many customers as possible, your sales won’t reach their true ...

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