Bringing Your Brand Into The Modern Era

With the rise of the internet and how it has shaped consumer behaviours, there are already plenty of businesses that have fallen behind the times and even had to close their doors because they failed to keep up. However, business owners are fast realizing that it’s not enough to have a website and social media account to stay relevant. A brand that doesn’t look modern doesn’t look as effective to the consumer.

Here, we’re going to look at ways to modernise both in the digital and the real world to make sure you’re not next on the chopping block.

Going mobile

Nowadays, as many people are using their phones to use the internet and even to make purchases as those who use desktops and laptops. Mobile phones don’t just provide a different set of limitations that you have to adapt your site to with responsive design. They are also used in a different way by those on them, meaning that your traditional online marketing methods aren’t as effective. For instance, video marketing is significantly more popular on mobile phones than written content because people don’t want to spend their time reading on such a small screen. Black Knight takes a look at four ways to balance your digital marketing a little more favourable toward the mobile experience. Failing to do so could mean your brand is missing a significant portion of its user base.

Bringing Your Brand

Evolving the look

If you’re looking at marketing in the physical world, you’re still not entirely safe from the encroachment of technology on business. For instance, while they are a fundamental part of setting up the brand of a store, wholly physical signs can make a business look outdated. To look like you’re one of the most currently relevant businesses, it might be worth investing in digital display LED signage from places like Eurotech as well. Using screens in a brick and mortar location can be a great way to offer information and brand consistent imagery that creates a much more engaging in-store experience as well.

The modern office

What about those businesses that have an office that welcomes clients regularly? Make no mistake, those clients are going to judge you by your surroundings and looking like a business that operates in an old-fashioned way is going to hurt your credibility. An impressive office creates a successful business. Nowadays, that means more branded materials in the office and more focus on creating an aesthetic that fits the general mood or message you’re looking to give. It’s worth considering getting rid of vestiges of old office design like the cubicle crush, as well. Instead, opt for more modern looking, open-design with modular furniture. Beyond looking more impressive to the clients, this creates a more flexible workspace that your colleagues will be thankful for.

It’s not enough just to implement the three strategies above, of course. You have to continue to stay up-to-date from now on. Your brand should never lose relevance and the only way you can ensure that is to stay with the times.

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