7 Point Checklist for Airtight Business Protection

business protecting

All businesses, big or small, worry about crime. With business related crimes estimated to make up 20% of all recorded crimes, in developed countries, this shows that business owners are right to be concerned. These are not just crimes against the bricks and mortar, and belongings of your office premises, this is also regarding other forms of business crimes, such ...

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How To Deal With Sudden Cash Flow Emergencies That Stop Business

Cash Flow Emergencies

Planning against and for every eventuality in business is virtually impossible. However, some of the most abrupt halts to your business are financial emergencies or cash flow stoppages. This might be because of something as large as the global economy going into meltdown, the mass loss of employees, you the owner, being unable to work and control the business. The ...

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Business Borrowing: A Wealth Of Options

Business Borrowing & Financing

As a business, it’s very easy to assume any sort of borrowing is negative. A lot of people think that taking loans will have a huge negative impact on their company. But, in reality, this is rarely the case. Most companies need to borrow money at some point; otherwise, they won’t be able to grow. You will reach a stage ...

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4 Top Tips for Creating the lllusion of a Bigger Business

lllusion of a Bigger Business

The world is seeing more small businesses flourishing and growing than ever before. So whilst being a small business owner carries a lot of gravitas these days, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try and appear like a slightly bigger operation that you actually are. Whilst being a small business offers many advantages, giving the illusion of being a bigger company ...

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Easy Ways To Slash Your Business Stationery Spending

Business Stationery Spending

Today, being green is a must for all businesses, there’s no doubt about that. More businesses than ever before have gone green, which is an incredible step, and one that has had a hugely positive impact on the environment. However, just because more and more businesses are choosing to go green, that doesn’t mean that business owners don’t still need ...

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3 Non-Negotiables for Successful Businesses

business success

Listen and Respect One of the only ways that our businesses can grow is by listening. Listening to our customers and putting our own opinions to the side, from time to time, is one of the best ways that we can gain valuable insight into what our consumers want. It is all very well creating wonderful creative digital marketing strategies ...

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Shielding Your Business From Destructive Situations

Shielding Your Business

As profitable or successful as your business might become in the future, there’s no guarantee that it will remain sturdy forever. One of the biggest issues we normally face when running a business is that there’s no safety net. No matter what happens, there’s no way to safely operate a business while retaining some level of growth. There are ways ...

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