Decrease Distractions & Improve Productivity

Do you always wish your employees would get on with more work? Don’t worry; a lot of employers often feel like this. After all, you are paying them to do a job, so you expect them to do just that job while they are at work. However, if there are a lot of distractions in your workplace, you will find that your workers might not be quite as occupied with their work as you might like.

If all of those distractions become a problem and you find that your staff’s productivity is damaged, you might need to use one of these following tips.

Improve Productivity

Block Social Media Sites On Company Computers

One of the main distractions of the modern age has to be social media. It can be ever so easy to just flick between different profiles while you’re trying to work. In fact, procrastination has never been so easy since the invention of social media! There is one easy way to combat this problem – just block access to social media websites on your computer network. That way, employees won’t be able to get onto them, and they will, hopefully, get on with all their work instead!

Add Some Personal Workstations

If you just have regular desks in your office, your employees might be tempted to spend their day chatting to each other. The best way to prevent thing you can do in this situation is to invest in some workstations for the office. These are desks that have partitions on them, which will make it a lot harder for employees to chat to one another. As these workstations will create personal work areas, making it a lot easier for workers to focus on their own work and projects.

Provide Plenty Of Break Times

One reason why employees might be so eager to chat to one another is that they are bored and frustrated with their work. This is often the case if they have been working constantly for a very long period. Ideally, you need to offer your workers plenty of opportunities to split up their working day with breaks. During this free time, they can talk to one another and blow off some steam away from their desk. By the time they return to their desks, they will have a clear mind to focus on all of their work without being tempted to talk to another co-worker!

Make Some Signs

If your employees don’t like being distracted, it could be a good idea to make some signs to show others that they are busy working on something and can’t take any time to talk. For instance, hanging a sign on their desk that reads “on deadline” will let others know that they are extremely busy and can’t afford to be disturbed. Once they get everything done and have a bit more spare time, they can take the sign off!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to reduce distractions. Do you have any other suggestions to add?

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