Going Green: Make More Money as an Eco-Friendly Business

Everyone seems to be in tune with nature lately. Composts are popping up in each of your neighbours’ garden, straws are banned from every eco-conscious pub, and all of your competitors are suddenly going paperless. The truth is that there are a lot of benefits to incorporating a greener vision in your business culture; from public relations to making the planet’s future a bit brighter.

Greener Construction Business

Here is a handful of advice on how you can colour your company in a darker shade of green to increase your profits, as well as staying ahead of the competition. That there is little point in turning green unless your heart is in the right place – consumers tend to punish those who boast just for show, so remember to stay genuine.

To your employee’s health

Your staff is the most valuable resource you have, and looking after them means increased productivity. To make sure they’re happy in the workplace, you should start with communicating your new business vision and involving them in each new step. It’s not enough to simply let them know that there’s going to be a few changes around here; ask for advice and welcome suggestions on how you can be greener together.

The chances are that you’re going to get a lot of different inputs, and it’s important that you make use of these so that your employees feel included. You might need to get a selection of organically sourced food or change the cleaning detergents in your office – the result is happy employees who show up for work, so it’s worth the investment.

To your cost savings

Being more environmentally friendly means that you should save as much energy as possible. To save energy, you will need to make a few initial investments, there’s no getting around it – but it will return to you after a few months, so hang in there.

First of all, consider a commercial tint to your windows. It reduces the heat from the sun in the summer, so you don’t have to turn the air conditioner on all the time, as well as to contain precious heat when it’s cold outside. It works the same way as energy saving shutters, in many ways, but is more convenient for the look of an office. The lights in your office can also help you with saving money. Free LED Downlights are available for eligible business owners who would like to be more energy efficient, so make sure you check if this is something you qualify for.

Have a walk around the office and look at any old appliances you have standing around. If they’re particularly old, you could save a bit of money by replacing them with a newer one that uses less energy.

If the new mindset is incorporated in your business culture, your employees will also help with cutting energy costs and maintain the vision for years to come. Switching everything off at the end of the day is such a simple step in the right direction, so make sure they take it.

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