Job Options for Students in Australia

Whether you are an international student who has arrived in Australia for study purpose, or a local student wishing to pursue higher education, you will realize that the overall cost of education comes down to a lot. Living expenses, particularly, are quite high. Because of the high labor cost in Australia and because there is the system of hourly wages, the living cost has gone beyond control. Thus, more often than not, students in Australia have to find ways to earn money to sustain themselves.

Job Options for Students in Australia


Australian cities are full of restaurants catering different cuisines and as a student you can easily find a job in one. The usual roles you may be offered include kitchen hands, waiters, bar staff, attendants and cleaners. However, if your field of study is the food industry, you may even be able to secure a job as an apprentice chef. While it would help you gain experience you would be required to put in a lot of time and effort and this work is demanding. 


You can also turn to one of the several retail chains in Australia if you need to work. The usual position you may be able to acquire could be as a store person, stock persons, cleaners, or at billing counters. Unlike the restaurant business this one is comparatively more relaxed and less demanding.


This industry is also always looking for workers. You have the option of working directly with an employer or as a sub-contractor. This is also not too difficult of a job and you would usually be required to vacuum, mop, and clean windows.


This is a great option for students who are actually studying something related to healthcare. Working for the health industry requires passing some certification on your part but that is quite easy and the pay is good too. This work proves to be really helpful for those planning to work in the healthcare sector and who have a service oriented approach. It serves to be a great internship experience and you can add it to your resume.


When you come across a car wash in Australia you will find that it is busy most of the time. This job does not require much training or skills and it is easy to get a job here. Plus, Australia has a lot of car washes in every city. The downside is that this could be tiring work and you are better off not doing it during the hotter months.

Student freelancer

Skilled professionals are always welcomed in Australia, particularly if your study course is relevant to their field. These could include graphic designers, web developers, cooking, photography, health, and so on. A lot of organizations out there need student interns and freelancers and you can easily qualify if you have the demanded skills.


Although this is not really an option I would recommend you to go for, there is not really anything bad about taxi and cab driving and you can opt for it if you do not have another option.It is pretty easy to find a job in this field because they do not ask for much; you should know how to drive and should have a valid driver’s license. You may, however, be required to work late and odd hours and you need to consider beforehand whether you will be able to manage your studies with the work. 


If you have been an exceptional student you can be offered tutorship jobs at schools and universities in your area of expert. This is a really good opportunity and can prove to be useful later on as well since you can add this experience to your resume.

Petrol station stores

Plenty of petrol stations throughout Australia are in operation on 24/7 and most of these have stores. Students have this option as well, of working at these stores.

Handyman jobs

This category is quite demanding and requires physical hard work on your part. There is high demand for industries such as building, landscaping, construction, gardening, cleaning, and so on, and they are always looking for helpers. So, it would not be so difficult to get a job here.

Working along with studies is a great option due to a number of reasons. Not only does it help you gain professional experience which is counted later on, it also allows you to save money during college and take care of expenses. The loans you might have to take for your program already overburden you so a little extra income coming your way would definitely be refreshing.

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