Personal Finance

Stop Saving Money That You Don’t Plan to Use

Stop Saving Money

Everyone loves to spend money which makes it difficult to actually save money. We can utilise many tactics such as frugal living, opening a savings account and avoiding unnecessary expenses, but what’s the reason you save money? Perhaps you want to save up for your child’s future, maybe you want to save for a new laptop to replace your old ...

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Buying A Boat Sensible Or Stupid?

Buying A Boat

There is a common thought that buying a boat is something of a waste of money. Many boats suffer from massive drops in depreciation, which means that as an investment tool they are unlikely to give you much return on face value. However, not every boat will be a poor investment and a reckless use of hard earned savings. You ...

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How to Avoid Payday Loans?

avoid payday loans

Payday loans online or through direct lenders are a solution for many who would like to overcome any financial emergency and make it through to the consequent payroll check. They supply fast money once the consequent paycheck is days away and you are faced with some urgent monetary need that simply can’t wait. We hate to admit it but as ...

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Look After Your Money With These Three Tips

Look After Your Money

Money means everything in this day and age. It can keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy, it can take away the stress of life and keep you living comfortably. People often take out lofty loans and use credit cards to get themselves out of a bind, but if you’re careful you can look after your money it ...

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Reasons Why It’s Important To Have A Contingency Fund

Contingency Fund

As soon as you start your working life, it is important to start thinking about building a contingency fund. And it’s even more crucial when you get on the property ladder. It’s not the most fun thing to talk about because it’s much more enjoyable spending your money on shoes and clothes and pretty things for your home! But if ...

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Are You Making These Big Financial Mistakes?

Financial Mistakes

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of obsessed with smart financial planning. Over the years, I’ve given out a lot of money advice to a lot of friends and acquaintances. What’s surprising is how many people are both bright and successful, but also guilty of some huge mistakes in their personal finances. Although you may think that you’re completely ...

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