Right Rooms + Renovation = Recouped Riches!

Do you know the value of your home? If you’ve been living in your house for a long time, it may surprise you to find that you’re sitting on a gold mine. And while a lot of us don’t have the inclination to leave anytime soon, it’s nice to know that you are living in something that could set you up for retirement down the line, especially when you think about downsizing. But which rooms in your house have the most value?

Making Your Home More Sustainable

The Kitchen

People now view the kitchen as the focal point of the home, regardless of the time of year, you can have parties in the kitchen during the summer, and if winter is coming, you can cozy up to the breakfast bar with a nice mug of hot chocolate. The kitchen, if you’re looking to refurbish it, needs to be in keeping with the rest of your home’s aesthetic. So if you are looking at selling your home further down the line, if you refurbish a kitchen, the rest of the house needs to follow suit. Some simple ways of refurbishing the kitchen, especially if you are pressed for time, or you’ve decided to sell up, is to make some superficial changes, from the cupboards to the fixtures. When it comes to the cost, the rule of thumb is that it should cost around 5% of the value of your property.

The Garden

While not a room in a traditional sense, it is a very desirable part of any home now. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but it’s very beneficial to give the garden and makeover if you haven’t recently. If you are thinking of having people can view your home, it makes sense to have a newly seeded lawn, so the grass is fresh. You should also go for some colors, with as many different types of flowers as possible, and make sure you look after them; if they wilt and die they don’t look very appealing. It’s also very popular currently to add bi-fold doors to the back of the property, as these will show off your garden as well as add some light into the home.

The Bathroom

Most houses don’t just have the one bathroom anymore, we expect an en-suite nowadays. By adding one of these, it will add a lot of value to your home, especially if you put it in the master bedroom. If you decide to do this, you need to think about the space your master bedroom already has. If it’s a tight squeeze with a double bed in there already, it may not be a good idea, but if it appeals to you, then you should go for it. The modern bathroom usually shows off a lot of light, but with en-suites, you can get away with by adding some ceiling lights and not add a window, as you can see on The Renovation Company’s website, there’s plenty of inspiration for some lovely en-suites. If done right, an en-suite can be built for cheap and add a lot of value to your property.

These three rooms will be the jewels in your crown when it comes to selling your home, so think about these if you plan on selling at any time soon, or in the future.

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